About us

About Fazoom

Fazoom (Fazoom, LLC) is an online store offering a wide range of new & vintage clothing, entertainment, collectibles and more. 

We started selling online in 2002 as "PinShack", which specialized in pin collecting and postcard collecting. While you will still find pins and postcards around here, we have expanded the store inventory to encompass a wider range of offerings. Due to the expansion, PinShack was rebranded and relaunched as Fazoom in 2017.

While our website, fazoom.com, is our main point of sale, you will also find us online on other platforms such as eBay.

Please, have a look at the website, and check back often. New merchandise is constantly being added. And if there's something you're looking for that you don't see, please ask. We might have it or at least know where to get it. Enjoy!